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Spillway Troughs - Black

Made from H.D.P.E (Polyethylene) Gloss finish.

Spillway trough are black in colour

Photo of a 130 cm x 30 cm spillway trough. (1.6m is the same design) 
 The back edge is extended 60 mm vertically to stop water running over the back edge.

Length x Width 100 cm x 50 cm
130 cm x 38 cm
Spillway trough
160 cm x 48 cm
Spillway trough
230 cm x 58 cm Multipurpose trough
Outside^ - Length, width, depth - cm. (including lip) 101 X 50 x 30 131 x 38 x 31 161 x 48 x 31 234 x 59 x 43
Inside - Length, width, depth - cm. (excluding lip) 94 x 43 x 29 125 x 31 x 30 155 x 41 x 30 222 x 47 x 40
Litres 150 105 180 430
Suitable for ....sheet descent spillways Sheet descent spillways up to 100 cm, sheer descent up to 120 cm Sheet & Sheer* Descent
spillways up to 120 cm
Sheet & Sheer* Descent
spillways up to 160 cm
Sheet & Sheer* Descent
spillways up to 200 cm
Colours available Black Black Black Black
60mm vertical extended back edge no yes yes no
When Picked up at our shop $199 $175 $199 $556 #
If shipped to mainland Capital metro areas*** (see Tasmania below) $220 $195 $239 # Call us for a quote of freight

If shipped to places other than mainland capitals. Also covers the Tasmanian mainland

$240 $215 $269 # Call us for a quote of freight
# Please call for freight quotes for the large Trough, from $45 to Melb, $60 to Sydney, $100 to Brisbane, Perth $100, $220 for Tasmania. All places covered between as well. Pickup via your own carrier is also available.
*Due to the narrow width, this trough is only suitable for sheet descent and Multi-function models
**Suitable for all spillways up to 1000mm in length
*** Call if in doubt,
^These sizes are estimates and can vary from batch to batch.



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact



Hansen fittings
Hansen through wall fitting .... for passing hose through the trough wall
See plumbing section
Oase Tradux - for fitting electrical cables into walls Oase through pond fitting for electrical cables or water
Oase Tradux
Pondmax Tank and Cable Gland connector