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Here at Creative Pumps we have all the brands to get your water moving around your home or work. Our pressure pumps, fire pumps, Sump pumps, Parts washing pumps, small spaces pump are backed by all the largest manufacturers. They include Onga, Davey, DAB, Little Giant, Easy Pump, Flojet, Shurflo, Bianco, Universal and LVM.
We can supply pumps to you any where in Australia, just email or call us and we shall get you the best pumps for your needs.
We can supply pressure pumps with pressure controls mounted on the pump also so they are mounted on a wall. These pumps can also be a submersible pump. They are available with either a plastic, Stainless steel or Cast Iron pump housing. All are sold that comply with Australian standards. We can supply the Onga water switches, or the Bianco rainsaver, both automatically change when rainwater becomes low. There are several different types of pressure pumps including Centrifugal, Jet and Multi-stage.

Sump pumps also come in several types from pumping clean water, storm water, to septic tank or grey water. They can be used in rain water tanks, run off sumps, cellars and drainage pits.

We can supply all of your plumbing needs, including a large range of philmac threaded fittings. WE carry foot and check valves from Hansen and Guyco, which are essential for maintaining water inline with pressure pumps. We also have dam aerators, they are from Germany and China, turning water over and adding oxygen will help to break down pathogens.

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