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Hurlcon - "Silkflow" Projecting Sheer descent spillway

Solid sheet waterfall spillway* For Pool, Spa or chlorine ponds

Twin projecting Hurlcon Silkflow waterfall spillways

Projecting spillway into a pool
Projecting sheet
spillways in action
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hurlcon silkflow spillway What is a projecting sheet* spillway .... A box with a delivery spout is mounted in a wall, a large volume of water passing through this special unit producing a solid sheet of water that projects away from the wall. The sheet of water does not touch the wall, but goes directly into the pond or pool. These units have been designed with internal baffle system to guarantee an even flow across the entire length of the spillway.

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Hurcon - Cascade Waterfall (rain effect)

Aussie says Our rating for these spillways for pools - Superior

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any wall, with different 2 lip extension options to suit thick or thin walls
What we liked: Australian made to a very high standard, so we know the quality is consistent.
If used as a sheet descent: This spillway performs best as a projecting sheet (sheer descent), but does a good job as sheet descent (softly down the wall) when the water flow is reduced to about 59% 
Other products of this type: WaterBlade      Aquaflo  or See index
Spillway width 300 mm 600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm 1800 mm 2400 mm
Number of water inlets (accepts 40mm PVC pipe*) One One One One Two Two
Colour of PVC plastic White White White White White White
Water inlet position - Back or Bottom,
please specify when ordering
Back or Bottom Back or Bottom Back or Bottom Back or Bottom Back or Bottom Back or Bottom
Size of box. H x W 78 x 56 mm 78 x 56 mm 78 x 56 mm 78 x 56 mm 78 x 56 mm 78 x 56 mm
Suitable for natural (live) ponds no no no no no no
1" (25mm) lip
(see picture below)
$388 $439 $524
$629 $714 $828
6" (150mm) lip**
(see picture below)
$424 $448 $564 $688 $788 $899
**Extra long 230mm lip extension - only available from "Waterblade"

*If flexible spiral hose is to be used rather than rigid PVC glue in pipe, PVC faucet adapter/s are required to make the conversion




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Confused about selecting the right spillway? - Click here for online help.

Hint: A point to consider for the projecting sheet effect:The further the water drops, the narrower it becomes due to surface tension. The drop in the photo's above is .8m to give you an idea. Another way to understand this tapering effect is that for every 50 cm of drop, the width of the sheet of water narrows by about 100 mm. After about 1.0 m of drop the sheet starts to break up.
How to choose your pump: The spillway can either have it's own independent pump or can be linked to the main pool or Spa pump. Hurlcon projecting sheet spillway requires a flow of at least 26 Litres per minute and a maximum of 50 litres per minute for every 300 mm of spillway width. This flow rate is measured at the spillway, therefore in choosing the pump, the distance between the surface of the water and the spillway is a factor that only you will know. Click for projection chart and pump flow recommendations.
     Lip extension 25 or 150 mm


Click for projection chart and pump flow recommendations.