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FloJet - Macerator Pump Index

Helps make for a quicker and cleaner process at waste stations.

Flojet 18550-000A Fixed inline pump

Flojet 18555-000P Portable RV Waste pump

Flojet Inline RV- Caravan septic macerator pump Flojet Portable RV- Caravan septic macerator pump


  • Empty holding tanks and avoid dump stations.
  • Transfer waste from recirculating toilets to main holding tank.


Flojet Macerator pump grinds waste into small particles as it pumps. This allows the use of a 1 hose for waste discharge outlet.

The Macerator is available with a 1-1/2 combination barb-threaded inlet or a 3 slip fitting inlet. The outlet is a 1 barb fitting.

Fast holding tank pump outs in only 3-4 minutes for a 30 gallon holding tank.



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