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Onga - Pump Index

Onga is one of Australia's most trusted brands when it comes to water pumps. Creative Pumps have been selling Onga pumps for a very long time and we have had an excellent range to choose from, the types of pumps include include Jet, Multistage, Centrifugal, Submersible, Injector, Trash, Bore and pressure tanks just to name a couple.
Some of the more common names are Homemaster, Farmmaster, Aquapack, Seabass, Hi-Flo, Blazemaster and Waterswitch Automatic rain water controller.

Water Transfer pumps

   Hi Flo 400 series centrifugal water transfer pump


Onga Waterswitch main options List Onga waterswitch menu list - Jet, multistage and sump pressure system kits

Onga Jet pump and Multistage Pressure pumps and Onga WaterSwitch

Onga Pressure pump and Onga waterswitch


Onga Dominator Submersible pump and waterswitch kits

Onga Dominator submersible pump and onga waterswitch kit