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Onga Logo - Pentair water AustraliaOnga Dominator Submersible pump & Onga Water Switch
New and Improved Water switch - Automatically switches between water tank & mains Supply

Onga Homemaker Dominator submersible sump pumps and waterswitchOnga H2O informer - Lets you know exactlt how much water you are suing but also saved Onga WaterSwitch Benefits.
  • Convenient Monitoring with the H2O informer
  • The H2O informer can be placed up to 20 metres from the Onga Waterswitch controller
  • Contemporary Designs
  • Guaranteed Compliance: Switching to full rain water, not mixing with mains
  • Greater water Flows = More money savings

The Onga Water switch is an automatic rainwater controller. It has an ability to use either Rainwater or Mains water. The Waterswitch not only senses when rainwater is available, but it also provides

  • Indicators for which water is being used
  • Manual override priming button
  • Automatically switches back to mains water when power is lost
  • High flow capacity of up to 200 litres per minute

Aussie saysbest quality - This is our rating for these pumps

Our observations

What we liked: The Onga RainSwitch plus a Submersible pump are quality made by one of our best and respected pump manufacturers.  Excellent pumping heights. Great value for money
Suitable for: Homes, single and multi storey's, industrial and commercial.
Not suitable for: Poor water quality, like lots of rubbish in the water, leaves and gum nuts. These items will block the impeller vanes.
Other pumps of this type: Universal  Bianco

Onga Homemaster Dominator stainless steel submersible pump

Coupled with the WaterSwitch, Dominator is the premium automatic rainwater control system. With its groundwater origins, the dominator is designed for many years of reliable service, where absolute silence, high pressure and solid reliability are the key considerations. Suitable for both underground or above ground tanks.

Available with Water level sensor- in tank float type
Applications; Multi-storey homes, supply to toilet(s) washing machine, garden taps/sprinklers, irrigation systems.

Installation; an in-tank pump solution remotely coupled to Onga Waterswitch.
KIT contents: Waterswitch, Dominator Pump, Water level sensor, Stainless steel wall mounting bracket.
Applications: Supply to House, toilet(s), washing machine, garden taps/sprinklers.

Installation: Ideal for suction lifts. Direct coupling of Onga Waterswitch to Onga Pump.
KIT contents: Onga Waterswitch, Onga JS Series Jet pressure Pump, Barrel union adaptor, floating water level sensor - top entry float.
Part Number Description List Price
DW7535DR WaterSwitch & D7535 Dominator Pump Call 
DW7556DR WaterSwitch & D7556 Dominator Pump Call 

Submersible Pump Package

Onga Homemaker Dominator submersible sump pumps and waterswitch    float switches  



Where applicable, relevant accessories are included in the Part numbers mentioned above. We recognise that you may wish to purchase these accessories independently for service applications.

Part Number Description  
801439 Barrel union adapter kit Call 
707170 Water level sensor- in tank float type Call
705998 Water level sensor (side wall type-max thickness 3mm)  Call

Note: Part  801439 have changed in their contents from initial release.

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