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Universal Pumps are based on quality Italian design
Universal Pumps are made to a high standard, they are available in several different styles to choose from including pressure, jet, multistage, submersible and centrifugal. There is also lots of different models to choose from, they can be used at home, business and at the farm. There is also a range of septic tank pumps to suit any needs.
Constant Pressure Pumps

Suitable for domestic, agricultural and commercial applications

Pressure pump
Drainage/ Sump pumps

Stainless Steel and plastic series of drainage pumps, up to 6600 lph
With & without float switch
Low power usage

Universal Clean water sump pumps
MST Septic rated pump

Suitable for running in a drainage system 13,500 - 21,000 litres per hour

Universal Septic sump pump
MBA Big capacity sump pumps

Flows from 12,000 to 60,000 litres per hour

Universal MBA750
Centrifugal Pump

Suitable for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications

Centifugal pump
Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Suitable for garden irrigation, tank filling, air conditioning, cooling systems and industrial use

Universal CM series multistage pressure pump
Jet Pumps

Self priming- pump only
Suitable for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications

Jet pump