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Vertical submersible Pumps* - index
*Often referred to as sump or drainage pumps Sump pump

Automatic with float switches

Creative Pumps regularly gets asked for advice about what is a good sump pump? Our response will sometimes puzzle the customer. Any pump is a good sump pump as long as its the correct type for the correct purpose.
Customers then seem to complain that the Submersible pump they have, can't be the right one as its nothing like what we have just recommended. All we can ask is "What do they currently have?", what was its original purpose?
We also finding more and more pumps are purchased online after a web search and just ordering what looks good to me. As always we are here to answer any of your questions, we stock or can get our hands on most of the big brands including Universal, Bianco, Easy pump, Little Giant, Lowara, Davey, Onga, Ebara, CNP
Easy pump submersible pumpsExtractor sump pump

Manual (NO float switch)
Manual operated sump pump