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Acqua & Co - Floating Electric Aerator's

One unit is suitable for - 3,300 square metres of surface area

Aqua & Co Splash 2001 - up to 192,000 L/H
Aqua & Co Splash 2001
Aqua & co Splash 2008 - Up to 150,000 L/H
Aqua & Co Splash 2008
Aqua & co Spirit Floating fountain
Aqua & Co Spint 1.5
  • Suits up to about 66,000 litres
  • Single & 3 phase models
  • Adjustable depth**
  • Flows of between 25,500 and 192,000 L/H
  • Min water depth below the motor - 500 mm
  • Ideal water depth below the motor - 1m
  • Ideal pump depth below float - 900 mm
  • 25mm 304 grade Stainless steel
  • 12 month warranty #*

*Float size: length: 970mm
Total Width: 480mm (both floats)
Thickness (depth): 125mm

**Adjustable from 300 to 900mm below bottom of float

#* when used as per manufacturers instructions See here

These Aerators dissolves oxygen into pond water through the high-speed impeller of the submersible motor. It produces many tiny oxygen bubbles when the impeller infuses a mix of oxygen and water. It disperses the oxygen bubbles through the body of the water quickly and purifies the water, it's very suitable for high density breeding.

The motor casing are stainless steel to inhibit corrosion and is suitable for sea water. It is equipped with protection to ensure safe operation.

The Aerator features a compact structure, strong performance, light weight, and is easy to install. The motor height can be adjusted according to different requirements.

This unit is a unique oxygen-increasing system.

All units come in cartons, with easy to read instructions for onsite assembly of equipment.

Aussie says
Superior - This is the highest rating we can give this product

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any pond large area of water, particularly for dams and lakes which are prone to algae outbreaks.
What we liked: The Splash units are able to turn over large amounts of water per hour, this helps to add oxygen to the water which in turns help to break down the algae chains. The sprint and Northstar's are great as a fountain. The Force is used to break down the lower levels below by adding oxygen at a depth of up to 1 metre
Possible drawbacks: Not many, the splash aerators are ideal for large area's of water, an ability to turn over up to 192,000 litres of water per hour is massive. The Force is a floating surface float with its motor located below, the motor axis can be positioned to up to 35 above or below the horizontal position. The Sprint is a standard sized nozzle fitted to a float. The Air O Lator comes standard with the Northstar nozzle, but can be fitted with several different styles of nozzles.
Other aerators of this type: Oase Pondjet Oase AirFlo
Model No Splash 2001 Splash 2008 Sprint 1.5 Force 7.2 Air-O-Lator
Maximum turnover per hour 192,000 L/H 183,000 L/H 75,000 L/H 30,000 L/H 25,500 L/H
Size (height x diam) of Plume 0.5 x 1.0 metres 1.1 x 5.0 metres 1.7 x 6.5 metres N/A Up to 7.5 x 11.5 metres
Minimum operating depth 1.0 metres 1.0 metres 1.0 metres 1.0 metres 1.0 metres
Minimum pond / dam / Lake size 20 x 20 metres 20 x 20 metres 15 x 15 metres 30 x 10 metres 25 x 25 metres
Maximum recommended water body size per unit 3,300 m 4,000 m
Maintenance schedule instructions Yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly
Pump power (KW) 0.75 kW 1.2 kW 1.1 kW 1.1 kW 2.2 kW
Nominal Current Amperes (Phase) 4.5 (single)
2.0 (three)
2.5 (Three) 5.0 (single)
2.0 (three)
7.5 (single)
3.2 (three)
Voltage 1 & 3 3 1 & 3 1 & 3 1 & 3
Power cable length - Standard 20 20 20 20 50
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Price - Aust inc GST -
Single phase
$2,795 N/A $3,095 $3,095 $9,750
Price - Aust inc GST -
Three phase
$2,795 $3,095 $3,095 $3,095 $9,750



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Aqua & Co Force 7.2 Subsurface aerators
Aqua & Co Force 7.2 Sub Surface Aerator
Air O Lator Fountains
Air O Lator Surface Fountain
Splash 2001 & 2008 floating aerators
Splash unit out of water
Aqua & Co Sprint 1.5Sprint aerator with lights
Sprint water aerator from top view and when used at night with lights