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Vertical Wall System - Herbs & veggie kits

Vertical Garden on a Balcony, herbs, veggies. Vertical Gardens in a family backyard Vertical Gardens flowers and cooling wall gardens

Make a beautiful garden in any space with these versatile vertical gardens by Wall Gardens.

Those living in a small balcony apartment will find them great for growing all those herbs and vegetables, or even for some colourful plants to brighten up an empty wall. There are endless ideas where they could be used - driveways, fences, etc

Easy to install, all you need is a screwdriver and a drill, everything else can be found at your local hardware store!

Manufactured in Australia from recycled polypropylene

Many plant varieties are able to be grown in the modules, such as flax, ferns, ivy, lavender, geraniums, etc

Vegetables and herbs that can be grown include lettuce, silverbeet, onions, oregano, thyme, mint and many more

The Vertical Gardens have also recently been used by Michelle and Steve from the "Block", they have also been used in House rules, Garden Gurus and the Garden Clinic. But also note that here at Creative Pumps we think if you had a pond with fish, you can then recycle your water and grow fish which you can later eat.

Vertcal Gardens kit

  • Each module efficiently waters the one below, saving time and money
  • Can be watered by hand, or a low pressure irrigation system
  • Modules can be moved to make the most out of the sun and for easy maintenance
  • Can be installed as long or as high as required
  • Dimensions: 600mm wide x 200mm deep x 200mm high

  • Complete box set of 10 Vertical wall garden modules  N/A
    Individual Vertical wall garden modules   N/A


Aussie saysSuperior - The best quality available. Aussies observations
Suitable for: Any vertical space in sun or shade. Great for those herbs which get frosted out in the garden in winter, and those which get burnt in summer. They are a great setup for aquaponics, as you get to circulate the water over and over.
What we liked: Versatile, easy to move and maintain, well made. They are ideal for aquaponics, just remember to wash the potting mixture before you add your fish to the system. You can assemble them either vertically or horizontally, just remember to catch the water at the bottom.
Less than ideal: Nothing that we have found for the price point, you just need a trough to collect water at the bottom.
Links: Click here for Technical Specs



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