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Float Level Switches for water

There are many different types of float switches. Some can be installed by the customer, some can be installed attached to the pump, sump, pit wall or simply hang from the roof of your water tank. For the float switches which have no plug attached, a licensed electrician must be used to install the unit for correct operation. Our level switches can help to save your pump from burning out!

luise float switch

  • Automatically turns a pump On and Off (The stock  turns on when the water rises)****
  • Adjustable switching level
    (your choice based tether or weight position)
  • Plugged models are simple to install
    240 volt - no electrician required)
  • Bare wire model- (electrician  required)
  • Weighted model available (see below)
  • All float switches are 10 amp
  • Float size .. Length 105mm x width 85mm x thickness 45mm

****See below for how they work in reverse

Flaot switch
Shown above with piggy back plug and weight  attached. 
Also available without plug for hard wiring
Aussie saysBest - Our rating for these goods Suitable For: For any pump or suitable appliance that needs automatic switching
What we liked: A float switch is a great way to automatically turn any appliance such as a pump, on and off as the float rises or falls with the water level.
Possible uses: Drains where no pump can fit, simply place the float switch in and dry mount the pump. Great for pumps which did not come with a float switch. Great for wet cellars, automatically filling a pond when evaporation or leaks have reduced the water level. Automatically filling header tanks.
How they work: See details below, they can be purchased to work in either direction, OFF down, or OFF up. Also available to be hard wired. Great for replacement to faulty float switches remotely placed.

Bare wire* model float switch (for hard wiring)

Cat No Bare wire float switch
SRM-A0.5S Bare wire* - 0.5m PVC cable N/A 
SRM-A5S Bare wire* - 5m PVC cable $39
was $59
SRM-A10S Bare wire* - 10m PVC cable $49
was $79
SRM-A20S Bare wire* - 20m PVC cable $139

Weighted model with float switch,  and piggy back plug

Cat No Float switch with plug and weight

Reverse wired switches in RED
(Normally Closed)

FSPB-5MTE Weighted 5m PVC cable & plug  $117 $129
FSPB-10MTE Weighted 10m PVC cable & plug $129
FSPB-10MTE Weighted 20m PVC cable & plug $169 $199
Slide on weight for bare wire float switch $14 *For hard wiring by an electrician



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