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Blagdon ..... "Blanket Weed Controller"

Blagdon blanket weed controller


Blanket weed controller cable wrapped around a hose

Blagdon balnket weed controller carton

  • Fast acting
  • Inexpensive to run - About $4 per year
  • Suitable for ponds up to 23,000 litres
  • Reduces scale on UVC Quartz sleeve
  • 240V weather resistant mains supply
  • 1.6 watts (running cost per year would be about $4 per year)
  • Power cable, from plug to control box 3m
  • Size 120mm high x 140mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 1 year guarantee

As shown in the photo, the cable is simply wrapped around the hose between your pump and filter.

Simple to install yet highly effective, the Blagdon Blanket Weed Controller contains a unique multi-frequency processor which continually disrupts the calcium ions in the water, causing blanket weed to weaken and break down.

This device is harmless to other aquatic life and works all year round with very low running costs. It is supplied with an integrated wall or post mounting bracket with fittings. This product is weatherproof but must NOT be immersed in water.

Aussie saysSuperior - These goods are the best available

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any pond with a blanket weed (String Algae) problem up to 23,000 litres.
What we liked: Feed back has been fantastic, we have never had one returned for credit of repair.
How it works: Growth of Blanket weed (String algae) is  dependant on the correct form of calcium being available for it to form it's cells structure. The Blagdon Blanket weed controller destabilises the balance of calcium in your pond water causing an increase in the metabolism of the cells which from Blanket weed. The algae is unable to sustain and increased metabolic rate and will die when exposed to this treatment.
Special note: As with any attempt to solve a pond problem, the water must be balanced. Using a test kit first check you pH (Test strips)
Other products of this type: None in this price range
Blagdon Blanket Weed Controller - an electronic device designed for fast-acting control of blanket weed in ponds of up to 23,000 litres. The device has a unique microprocessor which emits varying radio frequencies through antennae cables provided*. This disrupts calcium ions in the water and causes blanket weed cells to break up. *As shown in the photo, the cable is simply wrapped around the hose between your pump and filter.

It is important to have correct water conditions: nitrates and nitrites must be as low as possible, and pH should be between 7 and 8. Use Pond Water test kits to check these levels. After installing the Blagdon Blanket Weed Controller, there will be a delay of up to three weeks until you see existing blanket weed break up. It is advised to remove as much as possible of this existing blanket weed by hand to prevent clogging of filters as the weed breaks up. Within 21 days you will notice a reduction in new blanket weed formation, and lower levels of lime scale deposits on the quartz sleeve of a Ultraviolet Clarifier.

Installation..  Although weatherproof, the unit must not be submerged. Provide shelter from jets of water such as leaking gutters, hose pipes etc. The antenna that wraps around the hose should be fitted between the pump and your UV-C, if there is not a UV-C in your pond system then install it between the pump and filter.

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