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April/May 2013 Creative Pumps helpful water treatment hints and fish feeding tips

Aussie saysGood - Our ratings for these items

Aussie's observations for Algae green water

I do not like: Green water, especially when I can't see the bottom of my pond! I also do hate not having my pump and filter running around the clock. Those plants take all of my oxygen from the water during the night.
What I like: Being able to see the bottom of my pond, and all those nice fish, swimming around without a care in the world. That's what I like!
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Green Water problems

Algae tips:

  •   Leave pumps and filters running 24/7

  •   Target the food source of the Algae

  •   Add more plants to out compete the algae for the nutrients in the water

  •   Test your water regularly

  •   Eliminate the phospates

Do you have green water problems? Does your pond have excess algae?
Many people try to fight algae with an algaecide which is a “band-aid” solution. Rather than using products like algaecides which target and kill the algae you are much better using products which target the food source. Phosphates are what algae consume and come from anything that breaks down in the pond. Products such as phos-out and barley straw are widely available and are under estimated when it comes to solving these problems.
Plants in the pond will also help with keeping algae levels down as they out compete with the algae for the nutrients in the pond and produce oxygen.

Having a pond full of plants is a huge benefit as not only will it help with the algae and oxygen, they look fantastic too.
Oxygen levels in ponds are a major concern when fighting algae as many people will turn off their pumps when they aren't home or at night. Plants consume oxygen at night so levels drop, we recommend running at least one pump 24/7 as this will battle the oxygen depletion problems you may face. If you are worried about running costs we offer low voltage pumps and also low wattage pumps to keep costs down. Air pumps are available too. Visit our site
Pondcare Phos-out

473 ml $28

946 ml $48

Any question??? Email us at info@creativepumps.com.au, or call Ian, David or Eric for any other help

Feeding TIPS:

  • Small amounts frequently
  • Enough to be consumed in 30 secs to a minute
  • A fishes eye is as big as the black part of its eye
  • Fish are opportunist feeders and will graze all day
This is a question that I am always answering for people and the short answer is twice a day during summer and once every 3-4 days during winter.
Economy is a good all-round food that should be fed twice a day to your fish.
Try to find a pellet size that is the correct for your fish or they may not bother. Feed enough for about 4-5 pellets per fish or enough to be consumed in 30 seconds to a minute. Anything after this time is wasted and is probably already turning your water quality for the worse. Remember a fishes stomach is as big as the black part in its eye so they don't need much to fill them up. Try our economy food today and watch your fish enjoy!!!

Aquaone Fish food



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