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Loss of pressure in a whole of house rain water system

Oh those damn Gum nuts.

Graham from Mt. Barker phoned the shop asking for assistance on what could be the problem with his household pressure system. He has a horizontal multistage pump with an electronic control unit connected to his rainwater tank which feeds the whole of house.

It wasn’t so much that their pressure pump had failed, it was just under performing in that the pressure had dropped right off. This drop off in performance usually indicates that the first stage impeller was partially blocked and not able to pass fully the water onto the next impeller stage for pressurisation.

I suggested that this may be the problem with his pump as with all the recent rain we’ve had, material off the roof has flowed into the tank and then into the pump. The pump model involved is a CNP-CHLF2-50MPCX. Graham doesn’t have an in-line strainer on the suction inlet to the pump.

To check the impeller involves undoing the 4 bolts holding the front cover and impeller stages together which will then expose the first stage impeller which can then be removed from the shaft for checking. I also suggested to Graham that he install a suction strainer if the problem did prove to be a partially blocked impeller.

Graham phoned back a week or so later to say thanks for the tip and yes, is was a blockage in the impeller. It was small gum nuts that had caused the problem. The water passages in the impellers of these types of pumps are only the thickness of a 20 cent piece and it doesn’t take much for them to block up.

In general, it is a good idea to fit a suction strainer to the inlet line of your pump if you are likely to have the same problem as Graham encountered living in an area with lots of trees.