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Buy Pond Filter Pumps - Australia wide

Pond Filter Pumps designed for 24 hour a day running, able to handle solids
(May also suit waterfalls and streams without much head)

These are the best pond filter pumps that we sell. They are all what we call dirty water filtration pumps. Circulating pond water with ease, 24 hours a day, these pond pumps are low power users.
These pond filter pumps can be used with pond pressure filter or pond gravity filter. Your garden pond will come alive with life with a more power efficient pump. Constant flowing water will help your ponds health.

Pump manufacturers included are Oase, Laguna, Pondmate, Project. They have great warranties, and we are your point of call for any help.
Buy with confidence from Creative Pumps. Australian backed pond equipment supplier with more than 15 years of experience selling online.

Oase Aquamax Eco New pump models
Oase Aquamax 2,500 to 8,500 litres per hour
Laguna max flo pond pump
Laguna Maxflo 2,200 to 16,500 litres per hour
Pondmate Large
Pondmate - Dirty Water Series 6,000 to 28,000 litres per hour
Oase Aquamax Eco Premium
Oase Aquamax Eco - 8,000 to 16,000
Aquagarden Barracuda Filter pump
Aquagarden - Barracuda 4,000 to 15,000 litres per hour
Oase Profimax pond pump
Oase - Profimax 20,000 to 40,000 litres per hour

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Confused about selecting the right pump? Click here for online help

All Pond Pumps - Listed by litres per hour