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Fountain Pumps with multi function fountain nozzles and water feature off shoots

Fountain pumps help to add oxygen to your pond water, they are a talking point to your garden pond, your fish and plants will love the extra oxygen that will be added to help maintain life in your pond. Your fish will become more settled under the water sprays. We have 4 different types of fountain pumps, 2 are fountain pumps while 2 are all in one type units, which means they can filter, uv light, and pump while being completely under water.

These pumps can also be used with out fountain nozzles as a pump head.

Blagdon Minipond pump Oase Aquarius Fountain pump oase filtral 5000 3 in 1 pump uv/c and foutain/waterfall system Aquagraden Mako Pond pump with fountain kit.
Blagdon Midipond pumps - Flows of between 3300 and 6300 - 5 different nozzles Oase Aquarius - 600 to 3,500 litres per hour - 3 year warranty - Germany Oase Filtral 2500 & 5000 pump, filter media, UV clarifier - Flows to 1,100 litres per hour - 2 year warranty - Germany Aquagarden Mako with fountain kits - 1000 to 9000 L/H

Confused about selecting the right pump?

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