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In-line water pumps - Dry mounted or wet mounted
(used in or out of water to move water through inlet and outlet hoses)

In line water pumps are ideal for Fountains, Ponds, Water Walls, computer cooling, fresh water Aquariums, Industrial applications
These pumps must be gravity feed, they are not self priming. The Pondmate DWP series are able to pump up to 28,000 litres per hour. There is the Aquagarden with its 3 year pump warranty, Oase Neptun pumps, Eco series in the 3000 & 4000 model pumps(lower power usage compared to old model). The Infiniti pumps, only the 4200 has a inlet thread, they are quiet which makes them ideal for computer cooling. Then there is the high capacity Oase Aquarius Universal (formerly the Profinaut) flows between 21,800 and 40,000 litres per hour.
Pondmate Large Aquagarden Barracuda pond filter pump Oase Neptun eco classic pumps Oade dry pump
Pondmate DWP 6000 to 28,000 LPH - Fresh or salt water - Made in China - 2 year warranty Aqua Garden Barracuda 4,000 to 15,000 Litres per hour - Made in China - 2 year warranty Oase ECO "Neptun"... 3,000 to 12,000 LPH - Made in Germany - 5 year warranty Oase Aquamax Dry 8,000 to 14,000 Litres per hour - Made in Germany 5 year warranty
Infiniti Feature pumps Oase Aquarius Universal pond pump    
Infiniti Feature pump 4200 to 5000 LPH - 2 models suited for inline Made in Italy - 3 year warranty Oase Aquarius Universal (Profinaut) - High capacity pumps, pumping between 21,800 & 40,000 L/H    

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