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Here at Creative Pumps we know our Oase pumps, we have every type covered. From 240 volts to low voltage, solar pumps, fountain pumps, pond filtration pumps, dry mountable pumps. All in one which have pump, uvc and filter media.
We have pumps which pump from 700 litres per hour to 40,000 litres per hour. These pond pumps have up to a 5 year warranty, the pumps also have low watt use, helping to make them cheaper to run compared to others in the same market.
The Oase models which we sell are Aquamax Eco series, low power usage with flows from 2,500 to 17,400 L/H. The Oase Aquamax Eco Premium with is ability to have a second inlet, great with a sattelite or surface skimmer. Oase also have a Aquamax Dry which is ideal for swimming ponds.
Oase have 2 solar pumps with flows of 700 to 1,500 l/h. We have several pumps which have fountains with them, they are the Aquarius, Filtral and then the next is a pond jet. Models which we sell are Oase Aquamax, Aquarius, Filtral, Neptun, Profimax, Profinaut, Optimax, Expert, Universal. We also have the Oase plumbing fittings which are used with pond filters.

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