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Oase logo Oase - Made in Germany

Just the best ......A quick story about Oase products.

In November '05 a customer marched into our Adelaide shop with an Oase pump under his arm and announced it had just stoped working.
We asked when he last cleaned it, the reply, 13 years ago then he put it in his pond. The pump had run 24/7 for 13 years without ever being cleaned or inspected. Needless to say he purchased a new Oase pump.
  • Pumps Oase Pumps for fountains, waterfalls, watercourses, streams, water features.
  • Filters Oase Gravity Mechanical and mechanical/biological filtration and Pressure filters to maximize pond clarity.
  • Floating Fountains Oase Pond Jet and Air Flo fountains
  • Fountain Nozzles Oase has an array of water patterns available allowing individual design.
  • Jumping Jets Oase new water fountains have arrived for the new season.
  • Lights Oase for the decorative illumination of garden and pond.
  • Oase EPDM Fix + Multi use pond liner adhesive.
  • Oase Skimmers Oase filter accessories for removing debris from the water surface.
  • Oase Floating Aerators Oase aerator's come in several different types.
  • Oase Plumbing Tradux Through pond fitting for electrical cables or water.
  • Oase Pond Vacuum cleaners Oase Pondovac 4 and the Classic (formerly Start)
  • Solar powered pumps Oase pumps - 700 to 1,500 Litres per hour
  • UV Clarifier Oase Innovative Bitron system for the first stages of filtration.
  • UV inline Clarifier Oase new Vitronic uvc, great for adding on to your current system

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