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Pond Vacuum Cleaners ... 6 models Oase - Ubbink - Hozelock - Pondmax

Electric and Manual Pond Vacuums in Adelaide Available Online

If you want your pond to look its best, searching for pond vacuums online is a great place to start. With a variety of pond vacuums appropriate for ponds of all sizes, Creative Pumps is pleased to sell pond vacuums in Adelaide with the ability to ship to major cities throughout the country. For small ponds, we have several appropriate products available and for medium to large ponds, we have excellent vacuums that get the job done perfectly.

Before buying pond vacuums online, it is a good idea to read through the descriptions to ensure you are getting the best vacuum for your needs. We have placed information, reviews and suggestions throughout the descriptions of our pond vacuums for your convenience.

Pond Vacuum cleaners - Manual and Electric models

Laguna Pond Vacuum cleaner

Laguna Vacuum Kit

For small ponds up to 1,000 litres
Kit includes vacuum and Hydro brush head
operates with garden hose

Hozelock Pond Vacuum

Hozelock PondVac
Pond vacuum cleaner
For small to medium size ponds 1,000 to 3,000 litres

Pondmax Pond vacuum cleaner

Pondmax PV350
Pond vacuum cleaner
For small to medium ponds up to about 2,500 litres

Oase Pondovac Classic - Start
Oase - Pondovac Classic
Pond vacuum cleaner
For medium / large ponds

Ubbink VacuPro 4 in 1 Pond vacuum cleaner
Ubbink VacuPro
Pond vacuum cleaner
For small to medium ponds up to about 3,000 ltrs

Oase Pondovac 4
Oase Pondovac 4
Pond vacuum cleaner
For Large ponds