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Pond Pumps Vs Pool Pumps

Why pool pumps are incorrect for ponds

  • A pool pump must run 24/7 year round, most pool pumps can't do this. As heir duty cycle is often as low as 20%
  • The pump must be on the bottom* of the pond and central. Pool pumps mount outside the pond    *To collect a much waste as possible
  • Pool pumps are very noisy
  • The cost to run a pool pump is very high
  • Just don't do it

Running Costs

Comparison between pond pump and swimming pool pump. 

The choice of the correct pump for your pond is important; each pump type is designed to be used in a specific situation. 

For ponds, the pump must produce a high volume of water at the lowest possible running cost and be rated to run continuously (24/7). 

The following example is based on pump installations by some landscapers as compared to the correct pump. Both are based on a pump with a water flow of 9000 LPH

Typical swimming pool pump
Power consumption                                                             528w
Annual running cost                                                             $642.00
Initial purchase cost                                                             $325.00
Most swimming pool pumps can not run 24/7


Correct pond pump
Pump; Laguna Max Flo 9000
Power consumption                                                             100w
Annual running cost                                                             $121.00
Initial purchase cost                                                             $349.00
Duty cycle continuous 24/7 

The running cost is based on an electricity cost of $0.13882 per kw/year 

It can be seen that the pond pump is much cheaper to purchase and run than the vertical shaft pump. The vertical shaft pump will probably need to be replaced after about one year as it is not rated for continuous use.


Pond pumps must run 24/7 and have a guarantee period between 2 and 5 years

Pool pumps tent to have a 12 month guarantee, but the bottom line is that a swimming pool pump is the wrong type of pump for a pond



Pond Pumps are very quite and are also used submersed in the pond. Pool Pumps are always dry mounted  and can be very noisy. A pool is designed to be relaxing so any pump noise will be a major distraction.