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"Kaneka Solar" Solar panels - Made in Japan


These panels made in Japan are tough and reliable, incorporating a durable black aluminium frame. They are heat and shade tolerant.


Aussie's observations

Suitable for:  Oase Aquasolar pumps and many other applications
What we liked:
Strong, but light construction, mounting holes on each side. These panels have a very strong and reliable frame. 
Less than ideal: Nothing we could find
Other products of this type:      suntech
Kaneka solar panels PLC - 13 watt PLD - 26 watt PLE - 50 watt
Frame Black Aluminium Black Aluminium Black Aluminium
Maximum power (Pmax)W 13 w 26 w 50 w
Nominal voltage DC 12 v 12 v 12 v
Peak operating voltage (Vmp)V 16.5 v 16.5 v 16.5 v
Open circuit voltage  (Voc)V 23v 23v 23v
Peak operating current (Imp)A 0.79 A 1.58 A 3.03 A
Short circuit current (Isc) 0.95 A 1.90 A 3.65 A
Length x Width - cm 49 x 47 95 x 47 95 x 92
Thickness - mm 38 38 38
Weight - kg 2.9 5.5 13.5
Connection cable length - m 4.0 4.0 4.0
Limited Warranty 10 years 10 years 10years

Prices - Aus $ Including GST


Ideal for use with ....

Oase Nautilus 70 pump Oase Nautilus 140 pump  



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TIP: To improve pump performance, consider a larger panel, hence higher wattage, or hook up two panels in parallel. The higher wattage will start the pump earlier, keep it running longer and in clouds improve performance.

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