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Laguna Pond Vacuum cleaner

A perfect small ponds and Fountains vacuum cleaner, up to about 1,000 litres

Laguna Pond Vac
Showing the Vacuum with the mesh bag for catching debris.

Laguna Power vac 

Laguna small pond vacuum 
Suitable for ponds or statues up to about 1,000 litres or a pond about 2m x 1.5m x .3 deep. Cleaning should take about 20 minutes provided there were not to many obstructions. Able to be operated either by garden hose or by our electric pump kit. Stop valve to turn off water supply.
  • Width of the vacuum head: 10cm  
  • Up to 2 piece handle,  extends from 80 cm to 140 cm

    Please note
    1) This pond vacuum will not suck string algae from the pond walls
    2) This vacuum is best suited for a smooth pond bottom, it does not do well on a pebble bottom
    3) This vacuum will not suck up whole leaves,
The base Power Vac kit- contents shown in photo to the right. Included....  two piece handles, mesh bag, quick connect hose fitting to pond vacuum, soft hydro brush for scrubbing and cleaning side surfaces.
Removes dirt from pond or pool, can be used to empty a pond or pool.
When used for cleaning, simply attach a garden hose to the Power-Vac, a Venturi inside the head sucks dirt and debris into the sock, while the water passes through. Once finished simply wash the sock for reuse.

Garden hose driven




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