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Underwater UVC filter pump .... For Fountains, Ponds

oase filtral 5000 3 in 1 pump uv/c and foutain/waterfall system


UV/C explained


Product characteristics at a glance

  • Compact filter unit with integrated
    7 and 11 Watt UVC technology
    for guaranteed clear water up to 2500 l /h.
  • Suitable for ponds of from 2500 and up to 5000 litres.
  • Contains 4 different filter materials
  • Including 3 different nozzle attachments for changing between individual water displays.
  • Telescopic extension for adapting the nozzle to the pond surface.
  • T-piece for operating water features, with multistage hose connection.
  • Connection possibility for aeration pumps.
  • Individual regulation of the flow rate and fountain height
  • Completely set up below the water surface so the nice appearance of small ponds remains intact.

Aussie says
Superior - Our rating for Oase Filtral pumps

Aussie's observations about Oase Filtoclear pressure filters

Suitable for: Any pond  particularly where you require a uv clarifier, filtering and a compact pump all at once. They even have a fountain kit to add extra oxygen to the water.
What we liked: The all in one unit is brilliant, as it does not have to be taken apart that often. Because the water passes across the the filter materials, the water is then drawn past the Ultra Violet Clarifier tube. You can then either have the water sprayed out via a selection of fountain heads or returned via a small stream. Typical Oase quality, second to none.
Possible drawbacks:  They are not ideal for Koi or Turtles, they create a large amount of waste which can block up the filter foams quickly. the better option would be a gravity filter, with a separate filter pump. But we do know that these are ideal for an all inclusive pump/UVC/Filter. If a waterfall is in use beware that the higher you go the less your water will pass over the UV light.
Other Combo's of this type:   Laguna Powerclear Multi 3500 & 7000


Oase Filtral UVC Oase Filtral 2500 Oase Filtral 5000
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 347 x 183 x 160 mm 380 x 290 x 160 mm
Voltage 230v / 50 Hz 230v / 50 Hz
Power consumption (pump + UVC) 20 watt 35 watt
UVC power in watts 7 watts 11 watts
Turnover rate per minute max (pump + UVC) 10 litres 18.5 litres
Turnover rate per hour max (pump + UVC) 600 litres 1100 litres
Max head height 1.3 m 2.3m
Outlet size 1/2 " 1/2 "
Filter surface area 232 cm² 564 cm²
Suitable for ponds with fish max 1,300 litres 2,500 litres
Suitable for decorative ponds max 2,500 litres 5,000 litres
Weight 3.3 kg 4.5 kg
Cable length 10 m 10 m
Guarantee - no warranty on impellers 2 years 2 years
Price $379 $579

*** Product includes a 2500 l/h pump, but flow rate is reduced due to the integrated UVC


Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact

Filtral pond to perfection


With the Oase FILTRAL 2500 & 5000 products, offers a long awaited,
multi-functional solution to owners of small ponds, and pools up to 5000 litres.

Has a compact filter unit with integrated UVC pump for attractive water displays.

With a OASE clear-water guarantee, so the customer buys worry free.
Guaranteed clear and healthy pond water
as well as a beautiful fountain.




Filtral 5000 uv/c filtration systenm & fountain kit cut out

Filter media + UVC
Two different filter foams, as
well as bio-cores and filter stones
ensure mechanical and biological


oase 3 in 1 2500 litre per hour pump and uv/c filtration system
Innovation- Made by OASE