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Top view of swimskin25 Oase Swimskim skimmer

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The OASE SwimSkim 25 In-Pond Skimmer enables fast, simple and safe removal of coarse debris that falls into your pond. Better quality pond water is achieved thanks to the integrated oxygen injector, as well as the powerful pump. This water circulation means that the SwimSkim 25 remains protected from being frozen into the pond during the winter months. Since the SwimSkim 25 floats on the surface of the pond, it easily handles even the most abrupt water level fluctuations.

Aussie says
Superior quality - Our rating for these items

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Pond features, small ponds, ponds with streams, indoor fountains
What we liked: Everything, The features and attention to detail is superb, the best all round skimmer pumps
we have found with these features and quality. The low power usage. 3 year warranty on everything including* the impeller.
Great value for money when considering the life span and reliability. We are often asked what is the quietest pump,
well this it, thanks to the patented impeller design . Quiet and smooth year after year
Less than ideal: Nothing, about as perfect as you can get

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  • Noticeably improved water quality and a clear view into the water due to reduce nutrients.
  • Suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 25 m.
  • Powerful drive with 2500 litre re-circulating pump.
  • Includes injector for oxygen supply to the pond.
  • Fine sponge for mechanical-biological filtration.
  • Ice preventing function through water movement.
  • Easy maintenance due to removable collection basket.
  • Automatically adapts to every water level.
Oase Swimskim 25
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 332 x 297 x 250 mm
Voltage 230v / 50 Hz
Power consumption 40 watt
Turnover rate per minute max 41.5 litres
Turnover rate per hour max 2500 litres
Aeration function l/h 300 l/h
Maximum pond surface area 25 m
Suitable for ponds with fish max 2500 litres
Suitable for decorative ponds max 5000 litres
Weight 4.5 kg
Cable length 10 m
Guarantee 2 years
Oase Swim skim 25 $299



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