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Hose and Plumbing fittings - Index

PVC flexible hosePVC flexible hoseHose clamp for flexible hoses. Stainless steel screws
Hose / Tube / Clamps

Clear PVC, Spiral (Ribbed)
Stainless steel Hose clamps
Threaded Female TeeOase Y - Suitable for hoses up to 50 mm
Tees, "Y" fittings, Distributors
Threaded & barb



  Threaded Elbow   Barbed hose reducing joiner
Elbows, Joiners

Threaded & barb

Male hose tails, BSP male threadsFemale threaded Nut and Tail.
Hose tails - Thread > barb (Male & Female)

Barb end fittings / Directors, Nut and tail


       Hansen and Guyco both have threaded inlne bulk head fittingsThru the wall fitting
Hansen Fittings (Through Wall)

Threaded tube, nuts and washers
Double sided water proof through wall fittings,
From just a few mm to 400 mm thick walls

For ponds, pools, masonry etc


Hansen bulkhead fittings

Hansen Inlet / Outlet Fittings

Through Wall Fitting - with hose tail (Bulkhead, Hull, Skin fitting)
Water proof through wall fittings for thin walls


Threaded end capThreaded socketThreaded reducing nipples Sockets, Bushes,
Nipples, End caps
1/2" to 3"

ball valvesinline barb valve
Valves / Taps

Threaded and Barbed  1/2" to 2"



Foot valves are used in dams and rain water tanks    Check Valves - used inlineCheck, Foot valves inline water filters
Plastic and metalArag inline filter

 PVC flexible hose for pondsFemale threaded all THose clamps for pvc flexible hoseMale hose tail - BSP threads
Spillway Kits
Plastic fittings with Hose to suit your water features


 Bottom drainsBottom drains

 PVC fittings  PVC - Glue together fittings  With BSP threads



 Water release kits

Water release kit
To release or re-direct water from the main line