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Xavan Pond Liner by DuPont Help reduce water wastage

Pond bridge over Dupont Xavan pond

The all new innovative pond liner. Two ply reinforced Pond liner

Rubber pond liners are ok, but if you want the toughest pond liner available, you need to use Xavan Pond Liner. It has a tear resistance of 20 KG compared to 4 KG for Firestones EPDM. The Xavan pond liner is best used in ponds with straighter edges. The PVC and EDPM pond liners are more flexible. They are easier to shape into rounded type ponds.

Xavan pond liners have good characteristics when it comes to be used with turtles, yabbies and even dogs. Using an underlay will also help to protect the pond liner from rough surfaces.

Exceeding all expectations this pond liner has a higher tensile and tear strength and puncture resistance. They are ideal for formal ponds, because they can give you a smooth look.

  • Chemically neutral (no leaching) - Non toxic
  • Highly resistant to U.V. degradation - does not biodegrade.
  • To join either weld, glue or use double sided tape (shown below)
  • Fantastic tear and puncture resistance.
  • So easy to slide into the hole (due to it's slippery surface & weight)
  • 25 year guarantee

Liner sample available: Just e-mail or call 1800 607 388

Xavan is a non-woven, multi-layered material from DuPont, sandwiched between coatings of thermoplastic elastomer, to give the liner its unique properties.

Xavan liners are unique in that they do not rely on thickness for strength like ordinary liners. Instead, they are constructed using a revolutionary multi-layered structure which gives them unrivalled strength, without excess weight. Xavan liner is light and easy to install, yet they are 3 times more tear resistant, and 7 times more resistant to degradation than ordinary liners.

We have had these pond liners installed into ponds which are specifically for dogs to play in, as most dogs have claws they love to scratch thru the bases which most people have gravel and sand. We even had a report from a pond owner from the central coast report that their house cow had decided to visit her garden for some fresh flowers, and wash it all down with a drink from their pond. No leaks became evident afterwards.

Aussie says - CreativepumpsSuperior - The Xavan pond liner is the best liner we have

Aussie's observations

Ideal pond size: Over 3,000 litres with reasonable straight edges
Suitable for: Ponds, aquaculture, lakes and dams, mining & industry
What we liked: The 25 year warranty, backed by Du Pont one of one the worlds largest and most respected companies. This liner has a high tear strength and puncture resistance.
Because it is so light and smooth, on large ponds it's so much easier to slide into the hole.
Easy to cut and glue with double sided tape, making installation a breeze. U.V. stabilized and able to handle cold or heat. Perfect for Ducks and Tortoises due to it's high puncture resistance.
Less than ideal: For small ponds (under 2.000 litres) with unusual shapes it may be a little to stiff due to it's laminated construction, for such projects you may want to consider Proliner - EPDM
Other pond liners we offer: 0.7mm Proliner - EPDM 1.0mm - Proliner EPDM Aqualiner PVC

Xavan - From $24.00 per Sq meter - Pieces

square mtr**

Roll width

4m 8m 12m
Prices based on number of square mtr** Price per
lineal mtr*
Price per
lineal mtr*
Price per
lineal mtr*
1 PVC 0.5 mm Thick 2.1m x 4m = 8.4m $75.60
*Price per lineal metre, sold in 0.5m increments x the full roll width
**Prices based on number of square metres per piece (If two or more pieces are ordered, the price per square metre is established for each individual piece, not on the combined total of pieces)



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact



Comparison*** Thickness Tear resistance Puncture resistance Weight per sq m Warranty
Du Pont - Xavan 0.85mm** 20kg 37.6kg 0.55kg 25 years
Firestone EPDM 1.2mm 4kg 15kg 1.5 kg 30 years
**Don't be concerned about the thickness, all that matters is the tear and puncture resistance and this is the strongest, least tear resistant and puncture resistant liner we know of.
*** Information provided by Du Pont

Accessories ...
Double sided joining tape - 47mm wide .... 5m roll

Please note: Custom cutting of pond liners may take a day or two, please allow for this when ordering

Factory joining charge ... We will custom join pond liner if requested at the following prices ..... $160 per order handling fee, plus $20 per lineal meter of join..

What our customers had to say
Dear Ian, The Xavan liner was a breeze to install.
Thanks for your help. regards, Richard. B .........PhD, DSc Melbourne Vic

Hi Folks,
I just had a stray dog jump into the pond a couple of weeks ago and in attempting to get out it completely shredded the PVC pond liner...It's going to be a total rebuild and I cant bring myself to physically tackle it just yet.
Was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how this may be avoided in the future.... Trisha B. Gladesville NSW
Creative Pumps answer was ..... Yes, use DuPont Xavan as it's almost bullet proof