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1 mm EPDM Pond Liner - Synthetic rubber based

Flexible pond liner with a shelf for plants Flexible pond liner with rocks overhanging

Pond Liner sample available: Just e-mail or call 1800 607 388

  • Non toxic
  • Highly UV resistance
  • Very flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Easily joined
  • Sold by the metre
  • Made in Europe

Full list of benefits below

One of many way to use this liner

Pond lined with EPDM with water plants

For more pond liner installation ideas

EPDM pond liner is suitable for all sorts of applications ranging from small decorative garden ponds with or without fish up to commercial aquaculture. Our pond liner has been laboratory tested to be safe for fish, drinking water and aquatic life. The liner is very easy to install comes with a long guarantee and is textured so as to help with the natural housing of beneficial bacteria in the pond.
Aussie saysSuperior - This is our rating for these pond liners

Aussie's observations on 1mm Pond liner

Ideal pond size: any size pond from smallest to largest.
Suitable for: Ponds, aquaculture, lakes and dams, mining & industry
What we liked: EPDM synthetic rubber is a highly flexible stable material that's not only long-lasting and easy to work, but is safe for fish and plant life. It has been used successfully in a variety of environmental containment applications for more than a decade. Due to the rough surface Pond liner fosters an ideal environment to effective colonisation of helpful bacteria. Being so flexible, it's perfect for ponds with unusual shapes as it will stretch to conform to curves and folds easily. Fantastic value for money. The long guarantee.
Less than ideal: Nothing we can find for it's intended purpose, however, for areas where high puncture, and tear resistance is critical also consider Xavan
Other pond liners we offer: PVC liner 0.7mm Pond liner Xavan by DuPont

1.0 mm EPDM rubber pond liner (same warranty, just different feel) call for any help needed
From $19.50 per Square meter cut to length* (30 year warranty)

square metre**
Roll width 3m wide 4.5m wide 6m wide 9m wide
Prices based on number of square metres** Price per
lineal metre*
Price per
lineal metre*
Price per
lineal metre*
Price per
lineal metre*
$22.00 For 0 to 40 sq m $66 $99 $132 $198
$21.00 For 41 to 60 sq m $63 $94.50 $126 $189
$20.00 For 61 to sq 200m $60 $90 $120 $180
$19.50 For 201 + sq mtr $58.50 $87.75 $117.00 $175.50

How much pond liner do I need           

Full rolls (30m)

$1755 $2632.50 $3510 $5265

*Sold only in full or 0.5 m increments x the full roll width, lower price if a full roll is purchased.
**Prices based on number of square metres per piece (If two or more pieces are ordered, the price per square metre is established for each individual piece, not on the combined total of pieces)
Weight per sq m 1mm = 1.1 kg




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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact




Pond liner accessories

Quick seam splice tape 75mm wide*.$17.95 per metre (Must also have primer)
**Seam primer is required in addition to the tape when joining Pond liner
Patching Pond liner 9" Form Flash - Patch tape 225mm $59 per mtr (sold in smaller lengths - call for details


Pond Liner - EPDM .... provides these unique benefits....

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Installs quickly and easily being both light (in the case of 0.70 mm liner) and extremely flexible. No special tools or skills are required. Pond liner stays flexible in a variety of temperatures enabling it to be easily installed year round. Pond liner is easily joined using conventional EPDM double sided joining tapes and primer. Comes of the roll without the chalkiness that is found on other EPDM liners, there's no streaks just black liner.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: when compared to other EPDM and Butyl liners means much less effort is required during transport and installation.
  • FISH FRIENDLY: Pond liner is a highly stable material. The logo shown on the liner indicates that it has been laboratory tested to be safe for fish, drinking water, and all other aquatic life.
  • TEXTURED FINISH: The textured finish helps and encourages beneficial bacteria to populate its surface resulting in a healthier pond.
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: Pond liner is highly flexible which enables it to conform to most situations. This unique feature makes installation a breeze and is especially important when earth movement, or erosion, could cause roots and rocks to move placing stress on the liner.
  • DESIGN VERSATILITY: Pond liner provides flexibility in pond design. Unlike preformed liners and ponds Pond liner can easily be shaped to create your ideal pond. Pond liner comes in a variety of widths and can be easily joined with ‘Quick Seam’ tape if required. In addition, with the Seam Tape System it is possible to produce unique design elements such as waterfalls and creeks.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Little or no regular maintenance once installed. Should the need arise, it is easy to repair in place with a self-adhesive patch, minimizing cost and inconvenience.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Pond liner shows outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV), ozone and other environmental conditions - important characteristics especially along the water line of the pond where the liner can be exposed. Unlike other liner materials, and will not become brittle with age and crack causing splits in the material, threatening fish and animal life.
  • WARRANTY: 1mm Pond liner is backed by a 30 years warranty