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Pond Liner Index  PVC - EPDM & Xavan

Don`t waste your water, install a liner and save mother nature. Garden ponds add value to your home and enhance your Feng Shui to your gardens.

Reduce Water Wastage with Pond Liners

Pond owners everywhere have noticed the great advantage of installing pond liners in order to save water and make the upkeep of their ponds easier. As suppliers of pond liners in Adelaide, we are able to ship theses liners throughout Australia and have a variety of pond liners for sale.
You will find that the pond liners from Creative Pumps are available in budget quality, which is made of PVC and is 0.5 mm thick all the way to the finest quality, a full 1 mm thick made of synthetic rubber. All of the pond liners are able to be self installed and will add value and beauty to your garden.

Budget quality - our cheapest with a 10 year warranty
Good quality
Best quality - Pond liner
Brand of pond liner Material Thickness of
pond liner
Approx pond
size litres
Guarantee Priced
from per M
Quality of
pond liner
PVC 0.5mm pond liner PVC 0.5 mm Up to 5,000 10 years $9.50 Budget
PVC 0.8mm pond liner PVC 0.8 mm Any size 10 years $15.00(was $16.40) Good
Proliner 0.70mm pond liner EPDM* 0.70 mm Up to 8,000 20 years $19.50 Good
Proliner & Firestone 1.0mm pond liner EPDM* 1.0 mm Any size 30 years $19.50 Superior
DuPont Xavan pond liner *** 0.85 mm** Over 2,000 25 years $21.50 Superior
Pond Liner off cuts
* Synthetic rubber based
**When it comes to strength don't  be concerned about the 0.85mm thickness
*** Xavan is a non-woven, multi-layered material, sandwiched between coatings of thermoplastic elastomer.
We supply pond liners to every capital cities in Australia including, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart. We try to give you our best price.