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PVC Pond Liner - 0.5 & 0.8 mm thick

pvc pond liners made easy

small pond feature using pvc pond liner
  0.5 mm PVC Pond Liner (10 year guarantee) In stock ready to be cut.example of how a garden pond using pvc can look

   0.8 mm PVC Pond Liner (10 year guarantee)

  • Non toxic
  • Durable & flexible
  • Easy to install
  • U.V. stabilized

Liner sample available: Just e-mail or call 1800 607 388

Aussie saysBetter is what Aussie thinks about these goods

Aussie's observations - PVC pond liners

Suitable for a pond:
0.5 mm Any size pond up to about 8,000 litres (however, we would suggest a maximum of 5,000
0.8 mm any size pond from smallest to largest.
What we liked: UV stabilized, can be glued or welded, able to handle cold or heat, our most popular liner due to it's price point.
0.8 is thicker and robust, but still flexible enough for easy laying. This liner is U.V. stabilized and can be glued or welded. As with all our liners, Aqualiner pond liner is very good value for money
Less than ideal: It does not have the tear resistance of Xavan by DuPont but that may not be needed
Other pond liners we offer:
0.7mm EPDM - Pond liner
pond liner folded up 1.0mm EPDM Pond liner
Xavan by DuPont

0.5 mm - PVC Pond liner
$9.50 per Square meter cut to length*

Pond liner Roll width 2 metre 3 metre 4 metre 6 metre 8 metre
Per lineal metre* $19 $28.50 $38 $57 $76
Full roll** 30 metres $810 (50 mtr) $741 $872 $1,458 $1,944

0.8 mm - PVC Pond liner
$15.00 per Sq meter cut to length*

Pond Liner Roll width 4 metre 6 metre 8 metre
Per lineal metre* $60 $90 $120
Full roll - 25 metres $1,500 $2,250 $3,000
*Sold only in full or 0.5 metre increments x the full roll width, cheaper if full roll is purchased.
**Full roll length 25m, except 2m wide roll, which is 50m.
Weight 0.5 mm PVC Pond liner per sq m = 0.6 kg
Weight 0.8 mm PVC Pond liner per sq m = 0.95 kg
Pond Liner off cuts



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Liner accessories for PVC pond liner

Pond Liner Glue**
100 ml - Glue $29
1000 ml - Glue $99
**Coverage: 100 ml of glue will make approximately a 5 metres join, 25 mm wide

Double sided joining tape - 47 mm wide ....5m roll $40.00 Glueing* liner to concrete pond walls, rocks etc in a retrofit situation or if you installation does not allow the traditional 300mm horizontal edge around the pond method consider using.