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Pond Air Pumps

Pond Air pumps are great at adding oxygen to area's of your pond which can sometimes that otherwise would not get enough movement.
Blagdon Koi Air pump range from 25 litres to 65 litres per minute.
Blagdon Koi Air pump, 25, 50, 65
Oase Aqua Oxy Air pumps range from 16 to 80 litres per minute.
Oase Aquaoxy Air pumps  

Aussie says

Aussie's observations about Blagdon Koi Air

Best - The rating we give these goods
Suitable for: Filters, ponds, pond circulation, aquariums, and bio filtration.
What we liked: Mid entry pond air pump.. The features and attention to detail are O.K, Aqua Oxy is the best air pump on the market. 1 year warranty.
Possible drawbacks: No warranty on diaphragms or valves, remember what you pay is what you get, Oase quality is the best.

Aussie's observations about Oase Aqua Oxy

Superior - The superior quality of these goods
Suitable for: Filters, ponds, Low waterfall and pond circulation
What we liked: Everything. The features and attention to detail are superb, Aqua Oxy is the best pump on the market. 2 year warranty.
Possible drawbacks: None to speak of, remember what you pay is what you get, Oase quality is second to none.

1. Air lines can be run into the pond with air stones attached to the end of them, this will aid in the circulation of water in “dead spots.” These are areas in the pond where water does not flow. As a result these areas become breeding grounds for algae and allow toxic gases like ammonia to accumulate. Extra circulation not only helps your fish to maintain their health but also aids in keeping the pond water clean by circulating anything which may have settled on the base to be picked up by the filtration system. Running airlines into the pond can also aid in providing oxygen in the event that the main filtration system fails.

2. Air stones should also be placed in the filtration system to boost the amount of oxygen in the water. This injection of oxygen will allow the nitrifying bacteria (which need oxygen to survive and detoxify ammonia and nitrite) to perform more effectively in the break down of toxins, and replenish oxygen used by this bacteria.

The air stone should not be placed above or below the filter media or in such a way that does not allow solids to settle at the bottom of the filter.

We also have had customers ask about 12 volt air pumps, although they are available as a possible back up, we find that the cost associated with them, batteries and solar panels make for a costly exercise. There are some air pumps which are 240 volts and have a battery back up inside which could be a better alternative. Contact us for any additional help that you may require.

It is widely recognised that aeration is essential for good pond water conditions and healthy fish. Good aeration stops pond water stagnation, prevents fish dying from lack of oxygen, helps sick fish recover, helps water breakdown and aids filtration.
Pond air pumps are a reliable way of supplying aeration to ponds and filters - it's rubber diaphragm is easy to replace.