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Cree LED Solar Security light
Motion and heat activated 500 Lumens LED

Perfect Solution for Security or Convenience Lighting

Personal Security is one of our biggest fears. But with these easy to install Solar Security light, they can help to make us feel safe. These Solar Security Cree lights can be placed where power is not available.
Security is always easy in day light, but at night we do not want things coming out of the dark. Ideal for at the side of the home where your rubbish bins are, side entrance gates, or across your yard to your cars. They are easy to install, which can be rotated to show you where you are.
No more tripping over objects that are not visible at night. Lets you see who is walking around your home while you are safe inside.

Cree LED Solar Security lights Coming home a little late?Dropping the rubbish outside
Solar Flood light with Heat & Motion Sensor.

Aussie pointingSuperior - Our rating for these solar lights

Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Any place where a heat or motion activated light will deter and intruder such as Sheds, Work areas, Garage, Alley, Cabin, or any remote location, Driveway, Front doors, Back doors, Patios, Caravans, Boats, Backyards, Pergolas etc
What we liked: Everything, the quality of all components including the solar panel. The flexibility of panel placement, either on the base unit or remotely positioned as far as 6m away with the optional extension.
Less than ideal: For the price and features, nothing.
  • Super easy to install
  • Less likely to attract insects
  • No electrician required to hard wire the light - Easy DIY Installation
  • Detachable solar panel can be mounted away from the light
  • IP44 Needs to be installed in a sheltered position
  • PIR* Motion and heat sensor with 45° 7 metre coverage.
  • Super Bright CREE LED - No light blubs to replace.
  • Built-in Re-chargeable batteries.
  • Renewable Solar - Power—No on-going costs.
  • Senses heat and motion.
  • Adjustable Timer for Light Setting
  • Detection distance of up to 8 metres
  • High power crystal solar panel - 125 mm x 175 mm.
    *Passive infrared motion detector
CREE LED Solar Security Light with movement sensor, Security light $99

A built-in motion and heat sensor turns the light on for people, but not for swaying tree branches. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to pick up at a distance of up to 7 metres.

Set the darkness level to keep the light from coming on too early in the evening or too late at night. Choose either a 5 to 20 seconds duration for the light to remain on after the last motion detected.

A 5m cable between the solar panel and the light lets you place the security light where you need it, while allowing the solar panel to be installed facing the sun.

It is perfect for security lighting or convenience lighting in your yard, at your garage, around your carport, or wherever security lighting is required at night

During daylight the panel will charge the 1 x 6 volt AAA rechargeable battery pack, typically requiring 4-5 hours of sunshine daily to maintain a full charge.

The compact twin heads have an adjustable tilt/swivel for accurate aiming, using Cree super bright LED’s with an on/off switch and multiple time activation settings for convenient use.




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