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Laguna Spare parts"Pressure flo" pond filter - Spare parts*

Here at Creative Pumps, we know that spare parts are what keep your pond filters in a good condition. Having a garden pond or a water feature that is clean, is common sense, simple things like replacing the UV clarifier lamp every 12 months, helps to clean the water in your ponds.
We also have filter foam kits, they are easy to replace, these foam can last up to 4 years with good pond management. To have a great looking pond, with water you can see to the bottom also needs the correct flow through the pond filter, too much flow will not give the UVC light enough contact time for a good kill of Algae, and associated pathogens.
We also have every other spare part to suit the Laguna Pressure flo filters, including O-rings, replacement hosetail's, cleaning handles, Quartz sleeves, UVC head o-rings and even cleaning indicator springs.
Filter model Price Part No.

Foam Filters sets

2500/3000 3 foam set $36 PF2500
5000/6000 4 foam set $48 PF5000
8000/10000 4 foam set $87 PF8000
12000/14000 5 foam set $109 PF12000

UV Lamps

2500/5000 (11 watt) $56 PT1520
3000/6000 (11 watt)* New type $59  
8000 (20 watt) $78 PT1521
10000 (18 watt)* New type $79  
12000 (25 watt) $94 PT1522
14000 (24 watt)* New type $84  

"O" ring to suit Pressure Flo filter, inlet / outlet

Set of 3, orange/black O'rings $7 PT743

Quartz Sleeve & "O" Ring

2500/5000 $37 PT1524
8000 $54 PT1525
12000 $79 PT1526

Replacement hose tails

Replacement hose tails for pond filters filters also able to be used on Laguna 6000/7500/9000/11000 Maxflo Pump
All Pressure flo Filters hosetails
$12 PT 640
38mm Hosetail to suit all pumps above and all filters (custom lathed) to suit large 38 mm hose N/A was $15 LG 121a
16000 Maxflo Hose kit 40 mm to 38 mm N/A was $29 Adaptor Laguna hosetails 40-38mm

Foam Cleaning Blades

2500/5000 $15 PT1513
8000/12000 $33 PT1514

UVC Head "O-Ring"

2500 to 12000 $5 PT1530

Lid Bucket Seal "O" Ring

2500 & 5000 $12 PT1535
8000 & 12000 $20 PT1536

Cleaning Indicator Spring

2500 & 5000 $7 PT1538
8000 & 12000 $7 PT1539

*If you have purchased a filter from us and require parts that are not listed above, please contact us for pricing and availability. Invoice number or date of purchase will be required.




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