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Natural swimming ponds

Index - Swimming Ponds

Where do you start with "how to build your self a natural swimming pond"? There is no shortage of possible shapes or sizes to choose from, but please be aware of who will be using the swimming pond. Over the years we have seen so many different idea's when it comes to what is the best size, type and where to place the pond. There are websites from all over the world out there to choose from. The best advice that I have seen is that you can never have too much bio filtration. I once saw a site which had said they were have 1 for 1. meaning for every square metre of surface area they had a square metre of filtration. You also need to understand that some plants are better at filtering that others. Easy way is to look at existing waterways in your area and take note of what plants they have. We have also had an increase in customers using their water for Aquaponics, having the water pumped from their ponds to grow beds. thus reducing nutrient levels in their swimming ponds.