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Creative Pumps Thawte Logo

Our Promise to you .......

"We promise to give the best advice and information at exceptional prices and service on your pond equipment needs"

We can say this with conviction because pond equipment is our business. We love pond hardware, and our knowledge and experience credits our company to sell pond hardware.

From years of experience we have established a formula that takes into account location, plants, pond depth, sun, fish stocking, type of fish etc.  We have found this formula to be very accurate allowing us to make this promise.

Great Value
 We offer a very competitive low price using the narrowest profit margin necessary to maintain our service quality. So we are here to support you in years to come.

In return we hope that you will ....
  • Give us the chance to earn your business.
  • Tell us if our quotation is not to your liking, either because the prices are unacceptable or if you or someone else is suggesting other equipment. Allow us to re quote if we feel another alternative would be better equal or better suited to your pond.