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Water Features & Garden Spillways

Gorgeous Water Features can Enhance the look of your property

Welcome to our water features section. If you are the proud owner of a pond, pool or spa, you may be considering water feature products to enhance your space. When you buy water features, you will find that they not only enhance the look of your property, they will also raise the value of property making water feature products excellent investments. Wall fountain water features provide a pleasant flow of water that helps block background noise and enhance the tranquillity and peacefulness of your outdoor areas. With a range of materials such as stainless steel and plastic, of water features such as rain and sheer descent water walls can be achieved. Please take the time to browse our water features for ponds and pool and spa water features using the links below.

For pond and pool owners looking for water features for sale, know that it will be made much easier to find the perfect addition when you have knowledge and experience on your side. That is exactly what is offered at Creative Pumps with our water feature products. We offer advice when it comes all your needs, like which effect will look best with your existing set up or which water features may be added for the ultimate display of light and water.

We pride ourselves on being able to match the correct pump and accessories to suit your needs. We can supply all of the plumbing needed including pvc and poly fittings.

Water features for ponds



Water features for Pool & Spa

Water feature for ponds
Pond projecting sheet

       Projecting sheet water feature    Cross section of sheet descent water feature
          Projecting sheet           Cascading descent
3 head spillways
Swimming pool feature

water features with rain effect   water features for pool, spa and pond
Rain Effect                 Projecting Descent

water features with lights
Water Feature with lights

Water features and water wall fountains for ponds

Water features and water wall fountains for Pool & Spa

Australia's largest range of water features and water wall fountains.

We have sold water features - spillways to every city in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, why waste large amounts of water on grass when a water feature can make your entertainment area be more water efficient, plus you do not have to mow it every week.