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Water features for ponds | swimming Pools | Water gardens
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Water features - wall spillways components

Water features for Ponds

Also see Pool Water feature spillways

We can supply everything but the wall ......

Plumbing Kits

Base ponds

Projecting Sheet Water Feature
Also known as Sheer descent, falling away from wall



Sheet Descent Water Feature
Water flows gently down the wall

Projecting spillway - water feature

sheet descent spillway setup

pond water feature

Projecting sheet* for ponds.
Solid sheet
*Also called sheer descent
Cascading sheet* for ponds
Water flows softly down the wall *Also called sheet descent

Stainless steel
(Ponds only)

Stainless steel Ponds only)

Clear Plastic lips

Clear Plastic

With lighting
Confussed about selecting the right spillway?