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Pipe Friction Head Loss Calculator

Calculate the head loss of your water when running through your pipe so that you can choose the correct pump size using our simple calculator below. If you need help with this or want to understand what friction loss is please call one of our specialists on 1800 607 388 and we will be happy to help you.

Horizontal flow (tube friction) 

In calculating tube friction, the entire tube length must be used.

Friction loss - for waterfall or stream use.
Pumping water through tubing adds resistance, so an allowance must be made for friction loss inside the tube. As a rule of thumb add 10cm of head for every 1 meter of horizontal tubing run. However as the size of the tubing has a significant bearing on frictional resistance, the use of an undersize tube will increase frictional losses.   See chart below.

An allowance for friction loss must be added to the vertical distance (in meters) measured from the surface of the pond, over which you will be pumping the water. The resulting sum will be the 'Total Head' that the pump will be required to lift the water. You should compare the flow rate that you require, to the flow rate that the pump provides at this specific head.

You can use the calculator below to determine how much head loss you need to allow for. Just enter your required flow rate and the internal diameter of the pipe you are using to determine how much head loss you will have per meter of pipe.


Headloss Calculator