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API Ecofix Bacterial Sludge Remover and Pond Clarifier (Pondcare)

Pond Clarifier and Sludge Remover

API Ecofix is a super concentrated bacterial solution which consumes organic pollution and decaying material in your pond helping to clear your pond and release locked up oxygen back into the water.

For help and information about common problems with Ponds and Water Quality see our Pond FAQ Help Section

  • Clears murky, cloudy water
  • Breaks down fish waste and dead algae
  • Promotes a healthy environment for fish
  • Reduces pond maintanence
  • Can help to increase oxygen levels in pond
  • Consumes organice material and sludge in your pond which helps to clarify the water
  • Safe and natural, harmless for fish and wildlife
  • Works well in conjunction with API Algaefix

Aussie's Observations about API Ecofix Bacterial Sludge Remover and Pond Clarifier (Pondcare)

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Clearing murky water and removing sludge from the bottom of ponds.

What we liked:

Dual function, clarifying and removing sludge from your pond.

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all!

From $34

Product not available

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