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API Pimafix Anti-fungal Fish Treatment

Treats white spot and other fungal infections

All-natural formula rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins of pond fish. Also treats internal and external bacterial infections. API Pimafix has been formulated to work in combination with API Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

  • Treats fungal infections such as white spot - for bacterial try API Melafix
  • Suitable for Koi, Goldfish and other species
  • All natural ingredients
  • Also treats some bacterial infections
  • Safe to use with other API water treatments
  • Can be used simultaneously with API Melafix for stubborn or unknown infections
  • 480ml bottle treats 3558L of water
  • Safe for all fish, shrimp, snails and wildlife

Aussie's Observations about API Pimafix Anti-fungal Fish Treatment

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Ponds and Aquariums with fish with white spots or other fungal infections. 

What we liked:

Made from natural ingredients and safe to use with many other treatments. Effective and popular with pond keepers.

Less than ideal:

Pimafix treats fungal infections, for bacterial is is best to try API Melafix or both of them together.