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API Pond and Waterfall Cleaner

Cleans Pond Surfaces and Rocks

POND & WATERFALL CLEANER is designed to use the power of active oxygen to deep clean on contact pond surfaces, waterfalls, fountains, and bird baths. Use as needed to maintain a clean, clear pond or outdoor water feature.

For help and information about common problems with Ponds and Water Quality see our Pond FAQ Help Section

  • Deep cleans on contact
  • Cleans pond surfaces, waterfalls, & decorative rocks
  • Keeps fountains and birdbaths clean
  • Safe for all fish and aquatic plants

Aussie's Observations about API Pond and Waterfall Cleaner

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Ponds and Water Features with dirty surfaces that may be covered in unsightly algae

What we liked:

Unique oxygen cleaning cleans on contact with pond surfaces

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all. Ensure you read the instructions carefully.

From $27

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