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Aqua One CeramiSub Ceramic Substrate Filter Bio Media 1.5kg Jar

Ceramic Substrate for use in Pond Filters

Aqua One Ceramisub Ceramic Substrate Filter Bio Media can be used in the bottom of pressure filters, gravity filters, aquarium filters and more to help beneficial bacteria grow in your pond or aquarium.

  • CeramiSub is ideal to use in any type of filter and is an ideal media for biological filtration
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater use
  • Highly porous it provides the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to colonise and thrive
  • CeramiSub acts both mechanically removing solid particles and biologically to convert ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. Ammonia and nitrite can prove lethal to your livestock
  • CeramiSub should be used as a permanent filter media