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Bianco Pumpz BIA Submersible Pressure Systems

Bianco have 2 options available to mount a pump inside a tank, with a pressure controller outside the tank at the top. This creates an automatic pressure system to feed your home or garden without the need for an external pump and pump cover taking up space. The unobtrusive press control unit comes with a stainless steel cover to protect it from the weather, making a good looking installation a breeze. It is also a fnatastic option for underground tanks. You also have the option of purchasing the pump with a Bianco Rainsaver which diverts your system to mains water when your tank runs low.

  • Quiter pump operation due to it being submersed in the tank
  • Pressure control unit tells the pump to turn on and off as demand requires
  • Dry run protection
  • Great for underground tanks
  • Stainless steel cover for pressure control looks good and protects from the weather
  • Easy to install
  • Uses less space than an external pump
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 2 Models available
  • Available with or without a mains backup system (Bianco Rainsaver)

Aussie's Observations about  BIA Submersible Pressure Systems

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Household and garden watering from a rainwater tank where quiet or unobtrusive operation is preferred.

Because the pump is mounted in the tank, the setup is almost unseen. Perfect for formal courtyards. High flow does many taps at once.

Maintanence is slightly harder since the pump needs to be removed from the tank to access. Usually mounted with a chain or similar.

Product Price Max Flow L/Minutelitres per minDimensionsLxWxH mmMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightMetersMax Suction DepthMetersInlet Thread BSPmmOutlet Thread BSPmmVoltagePower Cable LengthWattsHorsepowerFuel TypeApproved for Drinking Water AS/NZ4020Made inWarrantyYearsModel Number
Bianco Pumpz RS6-JH8003S2PC20 Pump and Rainsaver Submersible Pump with Mains Backup
8349803020 and 25mm on Rainsaver25mm Pump/20mm Rainsaver24010800Yes2RS6-JH8003S2PC20
Bianco Pumpz BIA-B42AMPCX Pump and Pressure Controller Submersible Pressure System
Bianco Pumpz BIA-JH8003S2PC20 Pump and Pressure Controller Submersible Pressure System
Bianco Pumpz RS6-B42AMPC20 Pump and Rainsaver Submersible Pump with Mains Backup
10563003220 and 25mm on Rainsaver25mm Pump/20mm Rainsaver24010550Yes2RS6-B42AMPC20