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Blagdon (Interpet) Fresh Start

Tap Water Conditioner (Removes Chlorine)

Blagdon Fresh Start is a tap water conditioner for removing chlorine and other toxins from mains water when topping up, doing water changes and filling new ponds.

Tap water contains chlorine as a disinfectant and heavy metals such as copper, which leak from water supply pipe work. It is therefore toxic and aggressive to fish’s delicate skin and gill membranes.

Fresh Start includes Aloe Vera which helps to restore and enhance the protective coating on your fish.

Fresh Start is specially formulated to rapidly remove these toxic chemicals and metals and contains a natural colloid, which coats the fish with a protective barrier.

Whenever you intend to use tap water for fish keeping purposes it is essential to treat the water with Fresh Start. This should include: 

  • When starting a new pond or carrying out regular water changes.
  • Whenever you top us your pond with tap water.
  • If you suspect heavy metals are in the pond and poisoning your fish.
  • Harmless to filters and all species of fish, plants and water using wildlife.


  • 250ml Bottle treats a total of 2,273 litres
  • 500ml bottle treats a total of 4,546 litres 
  • 1 Litre bottle treats a total of 9,092 litres

Aussie's Observations about Blagdon (Interpet) Fresh Start

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Adding to your pond when topping up with mains, filling new ponds from mains or doing a water change.

What we liked:

Neutralises chlorine and other toxins while Aloe Vera helps with the protective coating on your fish.

Less than ideal:

Nothing whatsoever.

From $18

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