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Blagdon (Interpet) Sludge Buster

Consumes Organic Waste

Throughout the year ponds accumulate debris, dead plant matter, uneaten food, fish waste and if left untouched this forms an unsightly unhealthy layer of sludge at the bottom of the pond. Sludge Busters unique blend of bacteria and enzymes break down this sludge leaving your pond with a clean bottom!

For help and information about common problems with Ponds and Water Quality see our Pond FAQ Help Section

The bacteria are species that use oxygen locked up in the sludge for their respiration, preventing a lack of oxygen in the water for the pond fish and other water borne wildlife. Also can be added to filters to reduce maintenance. Each sachet treats 2,250 Litres.

  • Removes organic waste from the bottom of your pond
  • Each sachet contains good bacteria that breaks down waste at the bottom of your pond
  • Safe for all fish and wildlife
  • Works well in conjunction with algae killing products such as Blanket Weed Algaway, Pond Balance, Green Away or any other algae control product
  • Improves water quality

Aussie's Observations about Blagdon (Interpet) Sludge Buster

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Ponds with a buildup of biological waste and sludge on the bottom that needs to be reduced. 

What we liked:

Great for use with algae killing products as it can consume dead algae.

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all.

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