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Blagdon Inpond 5-In-One Pump-Filter-UVC-LED

The Blagdon 5-In-One is a great inpond filtration option. They have everything wrapped up in a neat package with a Pump, Filter, Ultra Violet Clarifier, LED Light and Fountain combined. The filter sponges and bio media, work with the UV lamp to kill algae and keep your water clear. The LED light illuminates the fountain making a striking display in your pond in the evenings.

  • Everything your pond needs in one item
  • Keeps water clean and clear using mechanical, biological and ultra violet filtration
  • Graded foams and biomedia included
  • Very easy to assemble and install, plug it in and away you go.
  • Perfect for formal ponds or ponds with limited space around it to put an external filter, as these are fully submersible
  • Adjustable LED light can be used to illuminate the attached fountain or directed to other parts of your water feature. No need to run extra cabling into your pond for lighting
  • Choice of 3 fountain nozzles
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Replacement filter sponges, uv lamps and other spares available

Aussie's Observations about  Inpond 5-In-One Pump-Filter-UVC-LED

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Small to medium ponds where an internal filter is preferred. Great for ponds which can be seen from the house or entertaining areas as it can light up at night.

The inbuilt LED is a unique feature the other pump/filter/uvc brands lack. Looks great at night! Also very effective and good build quality expected from Blagdon.

Koi. These fish are messy and are best used with a gravity filter which is easier to empty frequently.

Product Price Filter TypeIdeal Flowlitres per hourMin Flowlitres per hourMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPond Max Vol (No Fish)litresPond Max Vol (With Fish)litresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Back Wash SystemUVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardWarranty YearsCleaning IndicatorCanister Above GroundIf canister buried, how much shows above ground?Foam FiltersBio BallsFor micro-organism growthPower Cord LengthHose Tails SuppliedHose Tails OptionalMax Pump Pressure
Blagdon Inpond 5 in One 3000 Pump/Filter/UVC/LED Pump/Filter/UVC/LED All In One Combo Unit
$316.00 Not available
All In One70030001500370x260x130 + pump + fountain5w3YesYes10
Blagdon Inpond 5 in One 6000 Pump/Filter/UVC/LED Pump/Filter/UVC/LED All In One Combo Unit
All In One150060003000370x260x200 + pump + fountain9w3YesYes10
Blagdon Inpond 5 in One 9000 Pump/Filter/UVC/LED Pump/Filter/UVC/LED All In One Combo Unit
All In One300090004500375x260x2859w3YesYes10

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