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Blagdon Koi Air

It is widely recognised that aeration is essential for good pond water conditions and healthy fish. Good aeration stops pond water stagnation, prevents fish dying from lack of oxygen, helps sick fish recover, helps water breakdown and aids filtration. Koi Air is a reliable way of supplying aeration to ponds and filters - it's robust rubber diaphragm is durable and easy to replace. Koi pumps are specifically designed for use with larger ponds where the ability to pump to several metres depth, with a number of air stones is important.

  • Ideal for adding extra oxygen to water for Aquaponic's
  • Multi point air outlet with separate taps for optimum control
  • Great to reduce algae
  • Ideal for Koi and heavy fish stocking
  • Helps promote plant growth
  • Air hose and air stones sold separately
  • 1 Year warranty excluding diaphragms

Aussie's Observations about  Koi Air

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Filters, ponds, pond circulation, aquariums, and bio filtration.

Good bang for your buck.

Quality is good but not as high as the Oase AquaOxy.

Product Price Output (Air flow)Litres per minuteOutput (Air flow)Litres per hourSuits ponds up toLitresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Power UsageWattsPower SupplyVoltsWarrantyYearsMax Air StonesAir Stones IncludedAir Hose IncludedMetresMade InPower Cord LengthRated for 24/7 Continuous Use
Blagdon Koi Air 65 Pond Air Pump
$274.00 Not available
Blagdon Koi Air 50 Pond Air Pump
$244.00 Not available
50300017,500230x160x140402401 12NoNo2mYes
Blagdon Koi Air 25 Pond Air Pump
$162.00 Not available

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