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Blagdon Pebble Pond Hidden Fountain Kit

Hidden base pebble fountain

The Blagdon Pebble Pond has a 600mm Square base with a 20L reservoir and lid hidden away underneath. You can mount a pump with a fountain nozzle in the reservoir, cover the top with pebbles or rocks of your choosing and create a beautiful water feature. Available as a kit with a suitable pump and fountain nozzle included.

  • Easy to set up
  • Create a beautiful water feature in your garden with a hidden pump
  • 600mm Square x 320mm Deep
  • 20L reservoir capacity
  • Pebbles not included
  • Available as a pond only, a kit with a 240v pump and fountain nozzle or a kit with a Solar pump and fountain nozzle
  • Price to clear - RRP for pond only is $140.80

240v Kit includes:

  • Blagdon Pebble Pond
  • Tornado PE0750 240v Feature Pump
  • Fountain Riser and Nozzle

Solar Kit includes:

  • Blagdon Pebble Pond
  • Reefe RSF470 Solar Pond Pump and Panel Kit (fountain nozzles included)

Aussie's Observations about Blagdon Pebble Pond Hidden Fountain Kit

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Creating a fountain which seemingly springs from the ground witha  hidden well underneath.

What we liked:

Something unique and different which can be installed creatively to great effect.

Less than ideal:

Well is a little small and water level should be monitored for evaporation.

From $89

Installation instructions:

Step 1: Bury the base of the Blagdon Pebble Pond in the ground in your desired location. This could be incorporated into a paved area, in a garden bead or anywhere else to achieve your desired look.

Step 2: Install a pump with a fountain nozzle and riser in the centre of the well in the base.

Step 3: Place the cover over the top with the fountain nozzle sticking through the hole in the middle.

Step 4: Cover the lid and the part of the base which is level with the ground with pebbles of your choice. We recommend using smooth river pebbles but you can use anything which fits in with your garden design.

Step 5: Fill with water from a garden hose until the water level is just below the bottom of the lid.

Step 6: Switch on the pump and watch your beautiful new fountain.

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