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Blagdon UVC Replacement UV Lamps

Spare Parts

Most UV lamps on the market have a working life of around 1 year. After this time, the lamp may still be illuminated but the gas inside becomes inert and they quickly become much less effective at reducing algae. For this reason we (and all manufacturers) advise that you replace your UV lamp every 12 months to ensure a clear and healthy pond.

UVC Model Lamp Required
Blagdon Minipond 4500 UVC 5 watt
Blagdon Minipond 6000 UVC 9 watt
Blagdon UVC Pro 18w / Midipond 10000 18 watt
Blagdon UVC Pro 24w / Midipond 14000 24 watt
Blagdon UVC Pro 36w 36 watt
Blagdon UVC Pro 72w 2 x 36watt


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