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CLAYTECH Prosub Submersible Pumps

Claytech Submersible Sump pumps are made to a high quality. Italian designed & originally made in Italy but now some are made in China.

Claytech Submersible sump pumps are made to a high standard. Italian designed sump pumps which can be used in small service pits 25 cm x 25 cm. There is 2 models in this range C6 & C9. They are designed to be used for clean water only. They have an internal float switch. The pump can also be set to manually overide the float switch.

  • All models supplied with Automatic floatswitch built into the pump body
  • 10 metre power cable
  • Suitable for clean water only.
  • sturdy handle to hang pump with
  • male threaded, verticle outlet on top of pump
  • Not suitable for dirty water, run off, septic tanks, construction sites or ponds/fountains
  • 3 year warranty
  • Handle max particle size of 5 mm.
  • Not designed for continuous use.

Aussie's Observations about  Prosub Submersible Pumps

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Clean water, fresh water, rainwater,

Can fit into small spaces, small sump stations. Vetrical outlet on top of pump. Internal float mechanism.

Nothing that we can see.

Product Price Max Flow L/Minutelitres per minDimensionsLxWxH mmMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightMetersMax Suction DepthMetersInlet Thread BSPmmOutlet Thread BSPmmVoltagePower Cable LengthWattsHorsepowerFuel TypeApproved for Drinking Water AS/NZ4020Made inWarrantyYearsModel Number
CLAYTECH Prosub C6 Submersible Sump pump Submersilbe Clean water sump pump
125225 x 190 x 330*
Top of outlet
Max Immersion
32240 VAC10 metres3000.4China3C6
CLAYTECH Prosub C9 Submersible Sump pump Submersible Clean water sump pump
195225 x 190 x 330*
Top of outlet
Max Immersion
3224010 metres6000.8China3